Fifa 17: This low-cost talent you should grab

Messi, Ronaldo, Neuer, Özil: The real star footballers are also in “Fifa 17” no bargain. But there are talents that are similarly well – and costs only a fraction. We have dug up a few diamonds in the transfer market.

To as manager in career mode of ” FIFA durchzustarten 17″ correctly, you need above all a good eye on the transfer market. The problem: For most of the known precious player you need to properly dig deep into the club funds. But there are also some unknown talents who can become superstars – and more cost relatively little money.The star presents recommended tips.


A good goalkeeper can make the difference between victory and defeat, for he keeps clean the box. One of the hottest tips is Gianluigi Donnarumma from AC Milan. It has a starting skill level of 76, and can rise to 88 – an extremely good value. With 7 million euros it is, however, no bargain . Who does not have much money left, should look at the following alternatives:

Bartlomiej Drągowski: start value 71, 86. Potential value: about 3 million euros

Simone Scuffet : start value 74, 85. Potential value: about 5 million euros

Alban Lafont : start value 74, 86. Potential value: about 4.5 million euros

Axel Werner : start value 69, 84. Potential value: about 2 million euros


A good goalie alone does not help, he needs a reliable defense. One of the most recommended center-back is the 17-year-old Reece Oxford from Premier League club West Ham United. It begins with a measly start value of 66, but can be increased up to skill level 86 – and is then as good as David Alaba. The best: Oxford will cost just 1.1 million euros. A real bargain, which should miss no coach.Other alternatives: FIFA 17 Hack

Nico Elvedi (central defender): Start value 72, 84. Potential value: about 3 million euros

Caglar Söyüncü (central defender): Start value 69, 83. Potential value: about 2 million euros

Lucas Hernandez (center back): Start value 75, 86. Potential value: about 6 million euros

Felix Passlack (right-back). Start value 67, 84. Potential value: about 1.3 million euros

Alex Hunter is the star of the new "Fifa 17" game mode "The Journey"


10 Tips: How are you in “The Journey” for soccer star

From young talent to world star: The new game mode “The Journey” comes in “Fifa 17” -Spielern good. We give a few tips for easier access.


In midfield, “Fifa 17” trainers will be spoiled for choice: If one looks very fit strong players with high assertiveness, fast Sprinter for counterattack or good all-rounder? A real gem hidden at Werder Bremen: Serge Gnabry (Midfield, right) has a start value of 73, but can go up to level 85 – and costs just around 5 million euros.The following players are well worth a look: Astuce FIFA 17

Ousmane Dembele (Midfield, right): Start value 71, 83. Potential value: about 2.8 million euros

Timothy Fosu-Mensah (Central Defensive Midfield): Start value 71, 87. Potential value: about 3 million euros

Andrija Zivkovic (Midfield, right): Start value 75, 87. Potential value: about 6.5 million euros


Prevent goals is all very well, but to win, you have to shoot some. A good candidate for this is the 19-year-old Dane Kasper DolbergAjax. It starts with a skill level of 68, and can reach a maximum 85th With 1.7 million euros it is still affordable. Who has more money, the following players can try their luck:

Vaclav Cerny (right wing): Start value 69, 86. Potential value: about 2 million euros

Kylian Mbappe Lottin (left wing): Start value 71, 87. Potential value: about 3.1 million euros

Jeisson Vargas (left wing): Start value 70, 86. Potential value: about 2.6 million euros

Marcus Rashford (Striker): Start value 76, 88. Potential value: about 8 million euros

Covet fashion hack, is it real?

To uniquely add lots of free options into the game, you have to make use of a covet fashion hack which is different from the one that is shared on forums. You need to use a non-public tool that will not get you into trouble. I prefer to make use of the one which is clickable above. It is the uniformed tool that will not make me feel bad after adding lots of unlimited free options into my gaming account. With it, I don’t have to think that there is no balm in covet fashion.


To ensure further usability, the tool is mainly made for those that have been looking for an easy way to get lots of unlimited resources in their game. With it, you can use the hack panel to add them into your own or friend’s game without bagging the door. It is the right tool to use for this year in getting lots of amazing items into your free game with no troubles.

You have to read my story in order to know how i discovered this free hack tool.


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You know for something like this, you can’t keep it to yourself. I had to tell my friends about it. They opened their browser and told me that is the exact tool they have been using for months to hack covet fashion. So, I now know their secret. Sorry, I didn’t make this blog earlier to let you know about it.


You can now add and feel happy in the app using the covet fashion hack. You will see that it is real when you have added lots of resources into your application. Whether you are on Ios or android, the hack should work for you.


Use it this minute and don’t try to behave like my friends that kept it to themselves. Share the site with anyone you know that want lots of gold and cash or want to hack covet fashion for them all.

4 tips to progress by spending little money on Clash Royale

spend wisely

To effectively advance in Clash Royale Cheats avoiding unnecessary expenses, it may be wise to start by defining what are the most likely cards to meet your game. After determining your game with precision, you will only improve the units that compose it, without unnecessarily wasting your money in cards that you will not have utility in the medium to long term.

Unity is strength

Once you have reached level 3, you will be able to join a clan by demonstrating self-help with your new brothers in arms. You will be able to ask the cards you need to enable them to progress more significantly. For information, each donation from a player of your clan is equivalent to one experience point for your card.


Conversely, you can also be generous in offering the cards you do not use, in order to help your community. You will earn gold and experience and that will be useful for the rest of your adventure Clash Royale.

Be connected

Supercell, in his “immense goodness”, offers every 4 hours a new safe that you can open to get various bonuses (see top left of the screen below).Unfortunately, it is not possible to keep more than two boxes at a time, so you must connect at least every 8 hours if you do not want to lose these resources courtesy. As for the Safe Crown (located at top right of the screen below), it is available one day after opening the previous time. To unlock it, you just get 10 crowns during your battles.

Enjoy good opportunities

This is the case of most games Free to Play type but it is always worth remembering. Do not spend your gems unnecessarily … Keep them rather to make wise investments. For example, you can easily keep 500 gems to convert into 10 000 gold coins, available in the shop of the game. This money can then be spent exactly as per the points mentioned above.

This is of fundamental rules but relatively simple to follow for anyone wishing to optimize its resources. The richest of you can of course spend their real money in buying gems. As for beginner players Royale Clash future, we recommend that you consult our Clash Royale Hack

Clash of Clans: Top 5 Tips en Cheats You Need to Know


Mobiele Strategiegames lijken te zijn de meest verslavende games rage tegenwoordig. Clash of Clans, een free-to-play te nemen over het genre, laat spelers raid elkaars dorpen met barbaren, wizards en draken pissig. We zijn terug om u hulp in uw run naar de top van het spel leaderboards. Hier is de top 10 tips en cheats dieje weten voor de Clash of Clans.

1. weet welke Resources aan Raid tijdens Multiplayer gevechten

Tijdens de multiplayer schermutselingen u ongetwijfeld een deel van zult, is er eenbepaald percentage van de middelen die op bepaalde item boren/opslag locaties verkrijgbaar zijn:


100-procent van wat wordt opgeslagen in het stadhuis
75 procent van de donkere Elixirs opgeslagen in donkere Elixir boren
50 procent van wat wordt opgeslagen in de goud/elixer verzamelaars
20 procent van wat wordt opgeslagen in de opslag van goud/Elixer (tot 198,000)
5 procent van de donkere Elixirs opgeslagen in de donkere Elixir opslag (maximaal2.000)


De algemeen beschikbare loot is al verlaagd als je tegenstander stadhuis lager danis uw van. Maar als je tegenstander stadhuis hoger dan uw niveau is, het bedrag van de buit krijg je voor een overwinning zal garner een mooie stijging.

2. het verdedigen van je basis met een bos van muren

Zodra u het spel start, hebt u toegang tot houten muren. Deze muren komen op een vrij laag niveau (niveau 1), wat betekent dat ze zijn niet de moeite waard veel wanneer op hoog niveau barbaren komen barging in uw basis.
Probeer om te upgraden van deze houten muren naar niveau drie zo snel mogelijk(bereiken voor niveau vier of vijf als je, ook kunt). Deze muren zal uiteindelijk je sterkste verdediging, dus zorg ervoor dat u alle beschikbare muren binnen uw niveau aan te schaffen. Plaats deze muren rondom uw basis zodat geen opening trajecten beschikbaar voor invoer zijn.
Laat die aanvallers breken uw muren en de strijd; niet laten verlichten op zonder veel moeite omdat je per ongeluk nog een rijstrook open.

3. de lage niveau trofee landbouw oplossing

De Clash of Clans helpen Blogspot pagina gepost dit lage niveau trofee landbouwoplossing voor iedereen is wie geïnteresseerd is:

Een van de eenvoudigste en luiste methoden van de landbouw in botsing van clansis door het verlagen van uw trofeeën tot onder 200 en boeren met goblins. De match-making systeem in botsing van clans gebruikt uw hoeveelheid trofeeën te vindenvan een vijand. Wanneer een speler nog steeds laag niveau is zal niet ze hebben een heleboel trofeeën. Op deze manier we kunnen deze match-making systeem gebruiken om onze voordeel door een verlaging van onze trofeeën en krijgen gemakkelijktegenstanders. Natuurlijk, de buit kan minder zijn, dus dat is waarom we gonna minder troepen ook gebruiken.


Goblins zijn een van de goedkoopste troepen, en we hoeven alleen maar over 20-40goblins te raid minstens 30k goud en elixer van een zeer slecht beveiligde dorp. Zoals u op de foto hier zien kunt, is er 87k goud en 58 k elixer beschikbaar, terwijl er slechts een niveau 1 kanon er om het te beschermen! Alleen moest ik 25 goblins gebruiken om te stelen al zijn goud en elixer. Te verlagen uw trofeeën is het altijd erg basic. Trein goblins alleen en net beginnen op zoek naar gevechten, maar we gaan worden met behulp van een kleine bug. Ik zou niet bellen dat het misbruik omdat we gewoon onze trofeeën weggeven, en alles wat deze kleine glitch gaat doen is het proces versnellen.


Dus wanneer u de strijd, overslaan u meestal veel gevechten totdat u de juiste is. Maar wanneer u bent dropping trofeeën you gonna 1 goblin op elk dorp zie je gaan gebruiken, maar dit zou nog steeds zeer lang duren als je je eigen dorp te laden na elke slag moest, dus hier een stapsgewijze uitleg is van de werking van de ‘glitch’:


Een match vinden
Houd uw vinger op de knop ‘next’
Drop 1 goblin
Snel na het implementeren van release de knop ‘next’

4. Houd uw trofeeën zelfs na het beëindigen van een strijd voortijdig


Als u klaar bent om Golf de witte vlag vóór het begin van een moeilijke raid, gewoon doorgaan op en eindigt de slag. Zolang u niet alle troepen implementeren of alle spreuken, zult u uw trofeeën houden. Zorg ervoor dat de optie “Surrender” niet zichtbaar is, ofwel!

5. Get enkele gratis Elixirs (en opslaan terwijl u off line)

Gratis Clash of clans gems
This cheat only works when you have less than 30 seconds from finishing a troop upgrade an a full army. About before thirty seconds, cue up the troop you are upgrading. Don’t forget before you do this you have to make sure you have a full army. After the upgrade finishes, untrain the troops. Now, you will get free Elixir!

How to save your elixir when your offline
To be able to save your elixir where people won’t get that much elixir. Just make sure your camps are full and then fill your barracks up with bombers then you can get offline with like only 100,000 elixir instead of 300,000 elixir. Get back on, then unload your barracks first thing and then you will get all of your elixir back.


Csr Racing 2 Hack Cheats Online Tool – 2016

In this article, we have numerous CSR Racing tips, tricks and cheats for Android , iPhone and iPad for you. CSR Racing 2 is available for Android, recently. This is the reason, we want to introduce CSR Racing 2 in brief first. Next section will be our latest developed CSR Racing 2 Hack Cheats online tool by which you will be able to get free Gold and Cash. Besides this, we are including some cool tips, tricks and cheats for CSR racing 2. Ok, lets start it…

More than 1 million downloads, CSR racing Busted the charts already, we are seeing same for CSR Racing 2. The app is one of the most popular games apps for Android and iOS at all. CSR 2 Racing from Natural Motion App Store is a great racing game designed for Android and iOS. The illegal street racing come as a Universal app and even for free . These are the best conditions for placing in the top charts of stores. Since CSR 2 Racing drives also permanently rum, in the charts of top-selling apps. The game is in fact, and that is no exaggeration, the largest InApp spin that we have ever played. However, it is also a terrific game. So one question strucked on everyone’s mind on how one can be king of the road, without having to pay real euros. Awesomeness!! with our CSR Racing Hack Cheats online tool obviously.

Presenting our CSR racing Hack Cheats online tool by which you can easily get unlimited free Gold and Cash for your game account. No need to download anything. So don’t wait and use it by clicking below links.



As already mentioned, the Games app CSR Racing for Android, iPhone and iPad is available for free download. The game is financed through In App Purchases. That is: Playing is free, for extra money or for premium monetary gold must deposit real money.

In CSR Racing is a Drag Race. That is the car drives automatically, you need only the right moment to upshift or nitro ignite when the car has it. The special feature of CSR 2 Racing is the ingenious implementation of what graphics and gameplay terms. According to the app over 100MB in size. Thanks to the high-resolution graphics, everything looks very detailed, which comes mainly from a tablet to Good. Also menu and more look so very classy.

When CSR Racing starts for the first, so you do not need tips and tricks. The game starts simple and explains step by step what to do. So it is the right time to switch, thus stand against the ever-improving opponents. In addition one can tune his car or if that is not more aussreicht, buy a new car.

If you improve your car to enable you to adapt it to their own driving style, you have to consider some, because every car has different characteristics. So it comes here on performance, weight, traction and transmission, which is always different. Below we have numerous tips and tricks and cheats for CSR Racing for you. (Use CSR Racing 2 Hack to get free Gold and Cash from above.)


Now we come to the CSR Racing Tips and Tricks. Since these are very detailed, we have decided to publish you first a brief overview of the tips and tricks, so you know what to expect here:


If you spank the start in CSR Racing, you can almost give up. This is extremely important. Therefore, you should get off to a good start here. We have a little tip for you. Accelerates easy to the maximum. Now if you just let go at the end of 2, you are to be perfect in the field with your needle. Just try to find the point where this is the case with you. So you lay in CSR Racing almost always toward a perfect start.


Just as important as the perfect start is the upshift in the perfect area. Here you should look at the points right from the tachometer. As soon as the light turns green, upshift. This CSR Racing Tips you should always shift up perfectly smoothly.

You definitely will as soon as possible Nitro buy (N2O). With this you get an extra boost for a short time.Your Nitro should her in CSR Racing always running in 3rd gear. Here the advantage is greatest.


After her first two tutorials have finished, it is buying a car. The differences in the various properties can be found. What you decide is ultimately up to you. No vehicle has best chance of winning. It then depends on a good tuning.


Another good CSR Racing Tips is a sticker. This can be found under “Appearance” and then “paint”. Some stickers are only available at the Premium monetary gold, others also against normal money. The advantage: You get a rich bonus per race. So you pay for example. 750 money and get 150 money per race back. After 5 races you have purely the cost. Then you only makes additional profit.

Also, you should always repeat the race, even if you lose. In every race you get namely money. The sticker then again also, but only if you win. So go race worth. And when the tank then goes blank, look at it our next CSR Racing trick.

In addition, there is a day race in CSR Racing. Also this should master their day. If you then change the date you can even ride several days race day.


During the game you will be asked again to upgrade parts. However, you should always back into N2O, so invest Nitro because their order gets the biggest boost. Of course, you should not also the other upgrades neglect, but especially tires and N2O make the biggest difference between victory or defeat in CSR Racing from.


When you start a race, so you lose one point each at the fuel gauge. When this has reached 0, you would have theoretically take a break or to gold all auffüllen.Hierbei but there is a good trick: Verädnert just the time or date of your Android or iOS device. So you can then proceed immediately because the tank fills up automatically after a certain time on.

However this cheat does not work with any version, after all, the developers do not want you to bypass the waiting time. As a tip we can give you that one evt. Should go into airplane mode when applying the whole. In addition, the automatic time synchronization must be disabled in the game.


To beat the bosses in order to ascend to the next level, you have to tune his car. In the workshop or the “tuning” can be optimized tires, transmission, engine, turbo, intake and more. As mentioned earlier, you should thereby necessarily Nitro (N2O) to expand, because this brings you a huge boost. Just so you can beat your opponents in the long run.


There are still some CSR Racing Tips more that we could list here. So it is always level up, because one gets the Premium monetary gold. There is also when friends invites via Facebook or email and then play free gasoline. hen ye with your Facebook account to log on the main screen, there is added 1 Free Gold.

If you have more tips and tricks do, so we share the just over the comments.


Finally, we want to on CSR Racing Cheats to speak out. So there are numerous on the internet cheats for games app. Most are based on the iOS version. So is one in the video HERE shown how easily gold or money may be cheating. However, we do not recommend to use these funds.

Here is no official Cheats CSR Racing. If their gold and cash you want to have in CSR Racing, so you have to bring this to you via In App Purchase or to use our CSR Racing 2 hack . With our ips and tricks you should continue to come so quickly but.

For Android, we have also not found a CSR Racing Cheats. That was our articles on these Games App. As always, we appreciate your opinion on CSR Racing. If you should have any further tips or cheats, so you simply logs in the comments.


The Games app CSR Racing Hack is a free download for Android and the iTunes App Store Google Play Store. The game is financed via In App Purchases.

How To Draw Manga With Mad About Manga Tutorial

Explaining his strategy for long-term growth at a news conference the day before, Aso waved glossy magazines from China and Taiwan featuring Japanese pop stars on their covers. The first reason for my assessment is that unlike the manga the anime version allows you to see your favorite characters in full color. When you think of a comic book convention you will probably think of a sea of old comic books, toys, Star Wars stuff, Star Trek stuff, action figures, collectible card games and magazines for sale and you would be right but that is only a part and an increasingly small part of the experience. Take note that there is a multitude of diverse wrestling games online to choose from. Give it an hour or two and you’ll never be able to go back to the other MOBA games.

The part on drawing Bidanshi characters will no doubt be a favorite part of the book for young girls, and could even be useful in drawing Yaoi manga. RPG games based on a flash platform are usually of a shorter duration and require a certain strategy to finish the game. Manga works great for women of color, as you can see in the awesome big, brown eyes below.Head Soccer Hack

There is nothing wrong with playing mindless games where you simply run around shooting different characters and blowing things up. However, that type of game does not really carry as many potential medical benefits. Every dull subject such as mathematics, geography or drawing becomes alive and interesting when taught through these games. Casual games derive their name from their ease of accessibility, simple to understand gameplay and quick to grasp rule sets.

score hero hack